Commercial Vehicle Liability

truck liability

Liabilities for trucking companies have changed over the years. The trucking companies are implementing weapons to help combat the liability of accidents and the cost associated with them.

With the regulation and laws associated with the trucking Industry one would think that everyone would be safer on the highways with commercial vehicles, but unfortunately,the statistics do not show that. FMCSA  Trucks now have some of the newest technology on them to help the drivers  become safer, e.g., The OnGuard System to prevent drivers from following too closely, dash cams, mirror cams, blind spot monitors, electronic logs, and others. All of these features are designed to help the driver be better at his job, reduce liability, and get more rest.

This day and time there are a lot more distractions than there was in the past for commercial drivers, as well as motor vehicles. I guess everyone knows one of the biggest culprits is cell phones. Most trucking companies have or should have some sort of policy associated with the use of cell phones while driving, if not, this can be very costly for the driver and the company. Once the driver is involved in an accident involving liability, cell phone records are pulled to confirm if the driver was distracted at the time of the accident, which is also true for the drivers of any motor vehicles.

Truck drivers have a lot of responsibility to protect themselves and the company from liability. Pre trip and post trip inspections of their equipment to including, lights , tires, reflectors, along with in cab inspections, and being well rested, greatly reduces the chances of liability. These attorneys only need for you to not follow federal regulations to come after you and your company if you are involved in an accident. A good inspection, will ensure that your equipment is in good working condition along with staying free of distractions will go a long way in protecting the company and drivers from liability.

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