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Welcome to Aonyx Solutions, LLC.

We are a private Investigation company located in Central Virginia, We work with Insurance companies,  attorneys and other businesses to assist with Investigations that concern personal injury, child custody, accident scene investigations, and  service of process. The services we offer are always discrete and private. Those services include:

Personal Injury Investigations

We help support attorneys, insurance companies, employers, and trucking companies in their efforts to prove liability and or fraud.  When conducting our investigations, integrity encompasses the research. We provide proven facts of the cases we work regardless of the outcome.

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Process Service

With over 20 years of process service experience, we can provide excellent service that is done in a timely and efficient manner. We can handle all of your service needs statewide and also out of state service with the same diligent service that is provided in our local service area.

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Liability Investigations

When attorneys need help understanding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or need to document vehicle damage involving commercial vehicles, we are there to help. There are new regulations coming out every couple of months and you need to stay up on the changes.

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GPS Tracking

We offer state of the art GPS tracking and other surveillance options.  Our GPS tracking is a very useful tool when it  comes to mobile surveillance. It is very reliable and can be less expensive especially when conventional surveillance may not be an option.

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We take the time to listen to our clients so that we can meet or exceed their expectations.

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