Personal Injury Investigations

We help support attorneys, insurance companies, employers, and trucking companies in their efforts to prove liability and or fraud.  When conducting our investigations, integrity encompasses the research. We provide proven facts of the cases we work regardless of the outcome.

personal injury

We provide client intake, photos, along with witness interviews, and locates for attorneys in central Virginia and surrounding areas.

Our investigations entail conducting scene documentation, including checking for witnesses, surveillance cameras that may have recorded the accident, photos, and videos of the scene.

Statement-taking from witnesses and injured parties are pertinent when trying to put together an investigation, along with some of the other moving parts of the investigations such as social media, background checks, medical records, and finally surveillance.

In commercial vehicle accidents, there are a lot more moving parts to include, including hours of service, inspections, driver training requirements, and now, the new ELD  (Electronic Logging Devices) requirements for the majority of trucking companies.

personal injury investigation

If you are looking for assistance navigating Commercial Vehicle Regulations or ELD regulations, please contact us to further inquire about the various services we provide.

Aonyx Solutions believes that every investigation should be done in a timely and diligent manner, so if this is what you are looking for in an investigator- please call to see how we can better assist you with your concerns.