To whom it may Concern,

I am writing in reference to Wayne Morgan, of Aonyx Solutions, LLC whom I contracted with for “Skip Trace” service.  Mr. Morgan’s company worked diligently and efficiently to find the whereabouts of the person of interest involved in my case. He was able to gain the contact details as well as trace the address. The company went a step further and also performed a “Service Of Process” and personally served the person of interest.

Mr. Morgan is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He used his skills and experience and put forth a genuine effort to complete the request in the most effective manner. What I could not do in one year, the company was able to do within twenty-four hours!

I an pleased with Aonyx Solutions, LLC and would strongly recommend this company to anyone who may be in need of these types of services as my experience is that the service exceeded my expectations.

Best Regards,


Mechanicsville, VA


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