Commercial Vehicle Accident Response

Semi Truck after accident

Everyone today knows the Importance of quickly having all of the pertinent information used to complete an accident investigation. The driver has a big responsibility to get all of the information needed to complete the accident kit. Sometimes these tasks are overwhelming for the driver, especially when the driver is faced with a very serious accident, or physically can’t complete the information.

At Aonyx Solutions, we have over 36 years of experience in the trucking industry. We are licensed private Investigators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We provide assistance with all your commercial vehicle post-accident needs. These services are offered for semi-trucks, cars, and fleet vehicles. Normally we arrive at the accident location within 24 hours to assist with any post accident investigations, or just  making sure the driver’s basic needs are met,  provided he/she are still on the scene.

For the investigation, we can talk to law enforcement to get all of the information that they can provide, and  begin with taking photos and videos of the site, and vehicles involved. We will also contact witnesses for interviews, and notarize witness statements which can be accomplished by the investigator on site.

With our state-of-the-art case management software, our Investigators, as a result, can make available all of the information we access to the client within minutes. This can be uploaded by the investigator from almost any location, including photographs, videos, notes, statements, and audio recordings.

Our services are offered to trucking companies both small and large, commercial fleet vehicles, third party administrators, and attorneys. We go above and beyond your expectations because we want to earn your business.

Other services offered to our clients are asset, liability, background investigations, and service of process nationwide.
We welcome your questions, Please call for rates and our service territory. 1- 855-512-6699